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Since 2018 the Manitoba Paddling Association has partnered with The Dream Factory to offer the best dragon boat racing program around! 






Cancelled for 2020 


Our classic “Big Boat” Dragon Boat festival is open to everyone, from corporate to community teams, or ones made up of family and friends. Action starts at the Manitoba Canoe & Kayak Center, 6:00 pm on the Friday with 200m races and again at 9:00 am on the Saturday morning for 500m, finishing around 6:00 pm.

The River City Dragon Boat Festival was started in 1996 and has grown to a 50 team event every year! Come out and participate or even just to see what the festival us all about.

Please complete the vendor form and submit to mpa@sportmanitoba.ca, fax: 204-925-5792 or mail to 145 Pacific ave, Winnipeg, MB, R3B 2Z6 

Here are the 2019 Results
Here are 2018 results



Cancelled for 2020

The largest school dragon boat event in the country this festival is open to all schools across the province, with 50 teams coming to compete some as far as Cross Lake! Races start at the Manitoba Canoe & Kayak Center, 9:00 am Sunday morning and usually finish around 4:00 pm. Family and friends are welcome to come cheer on these amazing teams. 
Started in 1990, the Manitoba School Dragon Boat Challenge started as a war canoe event for teams to test their speed and skill against over schools in the province. Senior and Junior High teams race 500m in a battle to the finish to be names the fastest boat on the water. Don't forget that at the end of the day there is always a exciting 8 boat final race!
Here are the 2019 Results
Here are the 2018 results





Cancelled for 2020

Round and round and round we go! This Festival is different from our others, instead of our normal 4 to 8 boat straight line race this festival is in pursuit format. Races start at the Manitoba Canoe & Kayak Center (80 Churchill Drive), 6:00 pm Friday and then again at 9:00 am Saturday morning, everything is usually wrapped up by 6:00 pm. As always come out to watching teams pursue each other around the course.

The September Festival is unique for its pursuit format. Teams start across from each other and race in opposite directions chasing each other, in a circle, back to where they started. It's an incredible race for spectators and paddlers alike!

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2021 Dates Coming Soon!

Dragon Boats racing on ice! Yes, you read that right.
Ice Dragon Boat is our newest festival. Started in 2017 teams of 11 (10 paddlers, 1 drummer) use special ice paddles to skate their dragons boats across the finish line. With the expansion of the Red River Mutual Trail we hope to give Winnipeggers another reason to get out and experience what our great city as to offer in the winter.
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Sadly will not take place in 2020

Indoor dragon boat!? How does that work? 
It works like a regular Dragon Boat event, but with a twist. Two teams of eight paddlers  sit in the same boat, facing each other. Similar in nature to a game of tug-of-war, the object of this event is to paddle your side of the boat past the line before your opposing team does. It's a great way to get out of the winter elements well still staying active!
Started in 2013, this event takes place at the Pan Am pool located at 25 Poseidon Bay in the Grant Park area of Winnipeg. This indoor festival happens to be the largest of it's kind in North America and is a different way to experience paddling in a dragon boat.



As a not-for-profit, Provincial Sport Organization, we take our Mission, Vision and Values to heart! We work hard to develop the skills of athletes at all levels. We are unmatched by anyone or any organization in Manitoba to promote paddling as a way to enhance the lives of those who participate.




Yes, MPA makes safety our number one priority. We have an excellent reputation and superior safety record - second to none. We want to ensure that individuals, as well as teams complete their races in the safest manner possible. That can only be possible because of the training, knowledge and experience as well as the focus and dedication of our staff and volunteers!




All teams entering our Dragon Boat events are coached by experienced paddlers who have competed nationally as well as internationally. We pride ourselves in the fact that our coaches know what it takes to work with the teams to reach their potential.




In 2018 MPA partnered with the Dream Factory, formerly known as The Rainbow Society. The Dream Factory is a Winnipeg based charitable organization dedicated to fulfilling dreams for Manitoba kids who are battling life- threatening illnesses. Their goal is simple, give kids the desperately needed break from hospitals, medical treatments and the very adult challenges that come with serious illness. All funds raised stay in Manitoba to help Manitoba kids.






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