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Payment, Cancellation, and Refund Policy





Payment in full is required to complete registration in any Manitoba Canoe & Kayak Center Program, including membership. Acceptable methods of payment include valid gift certificates, pre-payment by Groupon, pre-payment by a team or other third party, cash, or personal cheque made out to the Manitoba Canoe & Kayak Center. MCKC is a member club of the Manitoba Paddling Association, but as a separate organization, can not deposit cheques made out to MPA. Such cheques will be returned to the payer to correct the endorsement. Initiated registrations for which no payment has been received will not be guaranteed a spot in the program. MCKC does permit on-site registration on a first come first served basis but gives priority to pre-registered participants. There is no pre-registration for drop-in programs.



Cancellation by MCKC


The Manitoba Canoe & Kayak Center may cancel programs due to severe weather, extreme water conditions, or inadequate numbers of participants. In these circumstances, efforts will be made to accommodate the participant(s) in a similar program at a satisfactory time & date. If no satisfactory solution can be found, registration fees will be refunded in full.



Cancellation by Participant


Participants are permitted to cancel in advance of their scheduled program by contacting us. The registration fee will not be refunded but can be credited towards rescheduling or other programs at the Manitoba Canoe & Kayak Center. Participants who do not cancel in advance of their scheduled program will not be granted credit. Requests for full or partial refunds will be considered on compassionate grounds or if the participant's experience was unsatisfactory. 





Participants are entitled to a full refund if their program is cancelled by MCKC. 


Requests for full or partial refunds will be considered only on compassionate grounds in extreme circumstances or when the participant's experience has been demonstrably unsatisfactory. 


Contact us to request a refund.


If granted, refunds will generally be provided by cheque unless other forms of payment (such as Groupon or Gift Certificate) have been used.



 May 2023